Monday, March 18, 2013

Imagination station

I love watching Chase play. He's always been so good at it, so much energy and creativity. He is ridiculously fun to watch as he crashes around the house, providing his own narrative and background music. Superheroes, ninjas, Star Wars, you name it. He's inventive and curious and I know I'm biased but he's 45 3/4 inches of pure adorable magic.

Monday, March 11, 2013

5 and a half

Is flying by. I'm trying to take in each second, record each moment, take a mental (and often an iPhone) snapshot of all if these precious little events that make up our lives, and then I remembered, hey, I have a blog. And it turns out, there's an app for that. Here's Chase today, much bigger than the last time you saw him, but just as awesome, if not even awesomer.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Passover 2011

Going to a Jewish preschool meant that this year, Passover was an especially exciting time for Chase. I don't think I've seen him this excited about a holiday since Christmas (ironically?), which is saying something.

In addition to our traditional family Seder, this year we were treated to a preschool style Seder in Chase's classroom. The kids had learned special Passover songs and made crafts, and their families were invited to participate in a special service and Seder.

It was adorable to see all the different crafts and props that the kids had made, and to watch them retell the story of Passover through songs and dances. They were so proud of themselves, and Chase has continued to sing the songs he learned at every opportunity, and for anyone who will listen.

As a homeroom mom, it was my job to show up early and help set up the Seder table

the "buffet"

Miss Carrie, the school's director, leads the class in telling the story of Passover

Just checking to make sure Mommy & Daddy were still there

Miss Carrie, talking about Baby Moses

Taking an opportunity to snuggle with Daddy

Seder time!

Mmmm, matzoh!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sweetest Boy

I would never go so far as to say that 3 has been easy. While 2 was not as rough an age as I'd anticipated (by no means "Terrible"), 3 has had its challenges. There have been tantrums and stand offs and oh, the boundaries, they have been tested. But it hasn't been all bad.

Specifically, 3-and-a-half, while still replete with its moments of absolute hair-pulling preschooler drama, is also an adorable age. Chase is full of I-love-yous and hugs and snuggles and I can't get enough of him. He loves to hold hands and lean his head on my shoulder, and he makes sure to give his baby sister/my belly hugs throughout the day. He talks about how he'll protect her, and how he'll play with her, and how if she's nice to him, he'll even let her play with some of his toys. SOME of them.

He is incredibly curious and observant. Nothing gets by him anymore, and he doesn't hesitate to let Andrew or me know if we've said a bad word (usually something along the lines of "hate" or "stupid;" adorably, he wouldn't recognize an actual curse word if he heard it).

He is exceptionally outgoing and friendly, to everyone. Chase loves his friends and talks about them all the time. He wants to invite everyone we meet to our house. Our favorite waiter at our favorite local pizza place calls him "The Mayor." Chase greets everyone, with a smile and a question (usually, "What's your name?" or "Where do you live?" or "Want to come to my house to play in the basement?").

Every night, I think to myself that I could not possibly love this little boy more. And then, every morning, I do.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

YMS All Star

This year, Chase (just barely) made the age cut-off for our local Pee Wee soccer league, and he is incredibly excited about getting to play on a real team. The season officially starts next weekend, so Andrew has been busy getting Chase ready for his big sports debut: they've picked up the uniform, purchased the gear, and started practicing in the backyard and at the local soccer fields in anticipation.

Today, Andrew and Chase met up with KC and Sam and spent about 20 very cold, windy minutes kicking a couple of soccer balls around. The kids actually had a blast, but I can personally attest to the fact that the grown ups were frozen. I guess we should get used to it: according to Chase's coach, they play every Saturday, regardless of temperature and weather.

Getting help from Daddy with his cleats and shin guards

Sammie would occasionally stop her soccer drills to point out pine cones that were laying on the field.

and dandelions. She picked this one for her Mommy.

Under the Big Top

Last year, when the circus came to town, Andrew's dad had expressed interest in taking Chase. I declined, because I am a party pooper who has issues with circuses and the care and treatment of animals featured in their shows. This year, when Barnum & Bailey announced they would be returning to Philadelphia, I planned on skipping the event again, with Chase none the wiser. Only I didn't count on the Pachiderm Parade.

See, the thing is, Chase loves elephants. The Philadelphia Zoo, however, doesn't have elephants (they used to. More info here, if you care). Chase is fascinated by the fact that "his" zoo used to have elephants but had to send them to live in other zoos. Every time we visit the zoo (which is frequently), he asks if the elephants are back yet, and he always looks so disappointed to find out that they haven't returned.We spent much of last summer talking about why the elephants had to leave, and why they probably wouldn't be coming back anytime soon. It is always a sad conversation.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago: Chase and I were in the kitchen. I was making him dinner and the news was on, and we were talking about nothing in particular and then suddenly, he stopped talking and his eyes lit up. For a kid who has never once expressed much of an interest in current events, Chase was absolutely captivated by the screen, and it took me exactly half a second to figure out why: the TV was showing an aerial shot of a line of elephants parading through Center City. Right down Broad Street, headed toward the arenas.

"That's in Philadelphia!" he cried out, "The elephants are coming back to our zoo!!"

He was so happy, so genuinely excited at the prospect of the elephants' return, and I felt bad explaining that yes, those elephants were in Philadelphia, but they weren't there to go to the zoo. They were there for the circus.

"And we can go to it?" he asked, his wide eyes so full of hope and innocence and wonder that I knew in that instant, we'd be going to the circus, like it or not.

So we did. And it was fun, although to be totally honest, I couldn't stop noticing how the elephants looked sad and the tigers looked scared, and maybe angry, and the zebras just appeared beyond confused (and maybe drugged?). But it was certainly a spectacle, and Chase was captivated. For the entire 2 and a half hours, his eyes were glued to the three rings in the center of the arena, taking everything in, and consuming more popcorn than I thought possible for a person of his size to ingest in such a short amount of time. He had a great day, and in the end, I was glad we went.

Showing off a couple of the souvenirs he got three seconds after we walked in the doors of the Wells Fargo Center

with Mommy

The whole reason we came

The performers were absolutely amazing

Mmmmm, popcorn